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Heart Health Awareness 6th -12th May

Throughout May, Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice is dedicated to promoting heart health awareness. As we observe Heart Health Awareness week 6th -12th May, we stress the importance of heart health discussions. That's why we are extending Heart Health for the full month of May. We encourage all patients to initiate conversations with their GP about cardiovascular well-being.


Why Heart Health Matters


Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of mortality worldwide, including in Australia. Coronary heart disease, marked by narrowed arteries leading to the heart, is the primary cause of heart attacks.


Empowering Patients Through Conversation


Initiating a dialogue with your GP about heart health is key to proactive care. During your consultation, your GP will assess risk factors like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They'll work with you to develop a personalised plan for improving heart health.


Your Role in Heart Health Awareness


We urge all patients to take an active role in their heart health journey. Bring up heart health during your next visit to Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice. Our team is here to support you with guidance, Heart Health Checks, and advice on managing risk factors.


Your heart health is paramount. Schedule a consultation with your GP at Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice during Heart Health Month. Remember, a heart-to-heart conversation with your GP is the first step toward a healthier you.

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