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Children's Health

As an adventure of growth for both the child and those around them, the journey of childhood to adulthood involves transition through many stages of rapid development. This is a uniquely valuable and enriching stage of life that nurtures our children towards growing in independence. 


At Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice, we understand the physical and psychosocial challenges your children may face and are committed to providing comprehensive care that follows your child every step of the way. Our team of doctors work closely with parents in a collaborative manner that seeks to take into account unique needs and concerns to best care for your child. Children 15 years old and under are completely bulk billed on weekdays at Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice. 

Image by Fidel Fernando

Many of our doctors have pursued additional qualifications in paediatric medicine including the Diploma of Child Health (this graduate diploma is now known as the Sydney Child Health Program). From infancy to teenage years and beyond, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach that encompasses the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of your child. 


We strive to help you and your family feel supported through every stage of life, delivering the care that will help your child thrive. 

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