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Summer's Travel Clinic

At Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice, we are dedicated to helping you embark on your next travel adventure safely and confidently. Whatever your itinerary, our team of doctors at Summer's Travel Clinic will provide detailed travel advice and create a personalised vaccination plan that meets your needs. Our goal is to fully prepare you for your exciting travels. 

Personalised Care

Our doctors take a holistic approach to travel consultations, providing additional sources of credible information and confidence to your international travels. In the consultation, we will discuss the necessary vaccines and medications required for your trip, taking into account factors such as the destination country as well as any patient-specific considerations including age, health conditions and pregnancy. 

Yellow Fever

For travel to sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America, yellow fever is a disease carried by mosquitos that can lead to serious illness. Half of those who progress to the 'toxic' stage of illness will die within 2 weeks of contracting the illness1, making vaccination an essential preparation for travel. Summer's Travel Clinic has accreditation for yellow fever vaccination including formal documentation required for clearing overseas border control. 

Booking an Appointment

It is ideal to book your travel consultation many weeks ahead of departure to ensure sufficient time to administer all required vaccines. When attending your appointment, bring your itinerary which details dates of your travel, location of accommodation and types of activities. If you are a new patient, please provide a health summary if you have any chronic conditions or take regular medication. This ensures our doctors provide the most individualised advice for your travels. 

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