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Women's Health

Each women's health journey is distinct and unique. At Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice, our comprehensive approach to women's health takes into account the changing needs of the female body, encompassing issues from menstruation to fertility and contraception, pregnancy, menopause and beyond. Some of our doctors have undertaken further study in diplomas reflecting their passion for women's health. 


Pregnancy is usually a joyful time where many uncertainties and questions may arise. We are committed to offer holistic and continuous care to make your experience as smooth as possible. Part of our comprehensive and thorough approach includes emphasis on establishing trust in the therapeutic relationship. This helps to create an environment that enables you to make confident and informed decisions for your pregnancy. 


Additionally, Dr Renu McVay and  Dr Jennie Shone and offer shared antenatal care, working in partnership with your midwife or obstetrician at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital. 


Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice values the importance of privacy and comfort, always providing care with dignity in regards to gynaecological concerns. We appreciate these private issues can significantly impact on your daily life. Whether symptoms relate to abnormal menstruation, pelvic pain or menopause symptoms, every woman deserves to feel their best. We also champion cancer screening through the cervical screening test (replacing pap smears) and breast checks as necessary. Our doctors will approach your concerns with compassion and respect. 


For contraception, Dr Anny Marrett and Dr David Lin also provide Implanon insertion. 

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