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Medical Education

Beyond the commitment of creating a strong team within Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice, we perceive and prioritise our role in medical education as a responsibility for shaping the future. Even though the majority of patients access health services through their general practitioner, primary care often remains an under-represented experience for medical students who receive an education grounded primarily in hospital settings. 

Our practice partners with the University of Sydney to host medical student placements that expand their understanding of primary care by providing hands-on experiences in a real-world setting. Our students will strive to present themselves in the most professional and respectful manner in all patient interactions as they eagerly learn about clinical presentations, diagnosis and management. Your doctor will let you know if a student is with them and you have the right to agree or disagree to the student's participation in your appointment. Please be assured that any details of your consultation discussed with the student for their learning are subject to the same code of confidentiality that applies to your doctor.

Among our clinicians, there is also passion to foster a culture of learning in the next generation of doctors. These diverse endeavours include year coordination for the MD program at the University of Sydney, and clinical teaching visits to further the education of GP registrars. 

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