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Nurturing your health this new year with Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice

Happy New Year! This is usually an exciting time of year where many people have new resolutions in mind. Whatever your health goals are in 2024, Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice is well positioned to join you on your health journey. Let's kick off the year by pursuing health and wellbeing through the array of medical services we offer.


General Health Assessments

Ever wondered how to kickstart a journey towards a healthier lifestyle? It begins with understanding the needs of your own body. Dive into a comprehensive general health check-up meticulously crafted to gauge your holistic well-being. These assessments act to highlight potential health concerns early on. By aiming for prevention and wellbeing, these routine check-ups empower you to seize control of your health narrative.


Empowering Your New Year's Resolutions

Is 2024 the year you envision a healthier, happier version of yourself? Delay no further! Our outstanding doctors are ready to provide personalised guidance and unwavering support to help you conquer your health goals. Whether it's managing weight, reducing stress, or cultivating healthier habits, our tailored and individualised approach adapts to your unique needs.


Your Wellness, Our Sole Focus

At Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice in Mount Colah, your wellbeing takes centre stage. Not only do we offer services such as our skin cancer clinic and travel clinic, our seasoned healthcare professionals are steadfast in delivering compassionate care that extends beyond merely treating symptoms. We strive to forge enduring relationships with our patients, ensuring a supportive presence at every juncture of your health journey.


Cheers to a happy and Healthy New Year!

As we celebrate this year, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a year filled with joy, prosperity and most importantly,  health. Let this year mark a new chapter of wellbeing. We stand by you and are ready to assist you in crafting the foundation for a lifetime of good health.

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