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We Care

Discover compassion at Summers Avenue Family Medical Practice

A long-term partnership of shared understanding allows the family doctor to improve and positively reimagine the patient's whole health journey


In today's fast-paced culture, we believe in slowing down. Understanding your full story is conducive to your healing and key to addressing your underlying concerns. 


Moving beyond immediate issues, we focus on improving your long-term wellbeing by increasing your knowledge and agency as part of your health journey. 


Get to know our doctors over the years to share life's highs and lows. We embody the personal and relational by walking with you through life's opportunities and challenges. 


We endeavour to keep you deeply involved in informed decision making, while also acting as your trusted guide by linking you to the best specialists in the area. 

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Our Mission

At Summers Family Medical Practice, we are committed to providing continuous and comprehensive care to our community members at every stage of life. By considering the whole person and not just their symptoms, we strive to provide a personalised, patient-centred holistic approach. 

Our knowledgeable team of general practitioners are dedicated to making our practice as comfortable as possible by creating a welcoming, inclusive and respectful environment for all, grounded in our core values of empathy and compassion. 

Your Holistic Health

The family is an intersection of generations, varying in stages of life from infants to seniors and everyone in between. As specialists in family medicine and chronic disease management, we fully appreciate the diverse needs of our community. To provide the most holistic care, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your personal needs. 


Summers Skin Cancer Clinic

When was the last time you had an appointment that saved your life? Two in three Australians have a diagnosis of skin cancer sometime in their lives. If it's been more than 12 months since your last check, book now for a convenient skin check at Summers Skin Cancer Clinic. 

Summers Travel Clinic

Travelling overseas? Protect the health of you and your family through a comprehensive consultation at the Summer's Travel Clinic. We provide the full range of travel healthcare including Yellow Fever vaccination. Receive an individualised travel plan and enjoy a safe holiday with the assurance that comes from being protected. 

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Your Lifestyle

While Sydney is a vibrant world-class cosmopolitan city where many of our patients live and work, many patients also prefer the relaxing escape of the Central Coast. Whether you live on Sydney's Upper North Shore or the Central Coast, our practice is uniquely and conveniently positioned to serve you whatever lifestyle you choose. 

Choose Summers

At Summers Family Medical Practice, we take pride in our deep-rooted heritage and longevity in serving our community. We prioritise pursuing excellence in personalised care by intimately understanding and valuing your unique health journey. Choose Summers for a proven medical practice that puts you first.  Explore some ways in which our practice continues to pursue excellence through ongoing innovation and collaboration:  


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